Caring for life

Portrait du directeur général d'Hypharm, société spécialisée en génétique cunicole


Our innovative genetic selection is able to reinvent itself to guarantee our customers the best performing animals on the market.

The challenges are numerous, and rabbit has a special place among meats on the market. Societal acceptance through breeding methods free of antibiotics, and conversion to other forms of accommodation for some, production of a differentiated protein source of high nutritional value, or development of rational production capacities with a low environmental impact for others, the breeder’s role is to be able to embrace these different paradigms, and to offer sustainable and profitable solutions to all of our partners.

Our staff are passionate, invested, and attentive to the changing needs of the market, over the years they have proven their strong commitment to the values ​​advocated by Groupe Grimaud: Caring for life!

Jean-Jacques David
General Manager

Portrait du directeur général d'Hypharm, société spécialisée en génétique cunicole


Our role is to care for

Caring for our customers and partners


To provide our customers with fitting and lasting solutions. Because animal selection is a precise science, we must know how to identify our customers’ real needs and translate them into measurable criteria, in order to develop the selection schemes we will commit to for years.


The two inseparable pillars of performance, product flexibility of use and adaptability to different environments, are an integral part of our work.


Our teams emphasise the requirement for “simple” know-how to support our products in the field. We foster close relationships with our customers, to provide them with a range of personalised advice, anywhere in the world.

Caring for our staff


Hypharm has set up a mentoring system for these new employees, so as to better integrate them into its teams, and to train them in the various specific professions of genetic selection, reproduction and related services: AI, product traceability, animal health...


Gender parity and equal treatment are part of our Human Resources policy, this applies across the board in areas such as skills development, responsibility and remuneration.


The breeding and selection professions in particular offer a wide variety of tasks which make the profession attractive because it is not routine. Learning these different skills, and inviting people to take the initiative, are permanent sources of motivation.

Caring for people

Well-being oriented production

Hypharm is committed to responding to the growing demand to reduce the use of antibiotics and improve animal husbandry conditions, without forgetting the working comfort and health of the farmers.

Our animals are selected for their performance, ease of handling and robustness, to reduce unnecessary human intervention and the need for curative treatments.

Quality meat

The taste of our rabbit meat is enjoyable and original, with great appeal to consumers. Nutritional quality and food safety are also at the heart of our concerns, starting from the time of selection.

Caring for animals

No. 1 in the market for maternal qualities

Our rabbits are easy to handle because of a rigorous selection on milk production, which goes hand in hand with a well-developed maternal instinct.

Better immune defences, fewer antibiotics

Hypharm is a pioneer in selecting for disease resistance. In partnership with INRAE, it has developed a range of high-potential products, capable of adapting to various environments.

Calm and sociable animals, adapted to group living

Societal pressure with regard to animal welfare is a strong source of motivation to integrate certain behavioural traits and adaptation to group living in our selection criteria.

Caring for the planet

Improving feed efficiency

At least 50% of the production costs of meat rabbits go on feed. Some raw materials used for animal nutrition are set to become scarce. Selecting more economical animals is one of our priorities.

Supporting and developing sustainable breeding

In response to the environmental and societal challenges, we owe it to ourselves to provide solutions that make it possible to maintain and develop rabbit breeding activities all over the world, through animal selection and management.

Preserving natural resources

Rabbits are one of the most suitable domestic animals to develop small agricultural spaces and provide gainful employment. They are also a source of local development all over the world.
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Hypharm, the RABBIT subsidiary of Groupe Grimaud

Hypharm is Groupe Grimaud’s rabbit farming branch; the brand is active in 25 countries.

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